Room 9 on the Gaslight

I have decided to begin regularly posting a story idea I have. It  will be unedited. I’ll probably go back and edit after it’s been uploaded, but I find I write better without looking over it because then I don’t over think it. I will also be posting it on my wattpad account, I am planning to post regularly every Friday***. So let me go ahead and give you a quick little look at the story.  ***The regular thing hasn’t really worked out yet, but I am going to work on being a little more consistent.

Harley and Renee are from a small odd town called Appleblossom. Renee is desperate to get out and is planning a big career in theatre. They decide to head over to an audition in the big city, Greenway. Harley is told by a close friend about a special hotel that allows aspiring to stay at for free while they audition. They will receive a luxurious suite with complementary room service and free roam of the hotel facilities. With a five star rating, what could possibly be wrong with this deal. Once arriving, they begin talking with another first time visitor about the different conspiracies about the place. They learn that this place might just be too goo to be true.

     Remember to be the best you you can be.


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